Top Best Tour Destination in Nepal

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    Top Best Tour Destination in Nepal
    Nepal is a peaceful Himalayan nation which is rich in both cultural as well as natural heritage. Even being a land-locked country between the two Asian giants India and China, Nepalese are doing lot better economically because of tourism industry. Because of its natural beauty and resources which is one of its own on the planet Nepal is able to lure many foreigners.

    Once you land on Nepal there will be loads of options available for you. You can travel or trek, or go for a tour, bungee jumping to paragliding, rafting to climbing all sorts of adventure activities are available over here. All you have to do is to sort out the minor problems like what to do, when to do and how to do. Make sure the activities you are trying to choose matches your budget and time that you are willing to spend.


    So, if in the future you are planning to give a visit to Nepal then I'm sure this list which I've prepared over here will be of some use to you. Here I have prepared some list of the best tour destination in Nepal. Note that this list has been prepared after a long research on the Nepalese travel and tour companies which are actively being operated in Nepal. And the destinations which are listed over here are quite trending and skyrocketing their travel business.


    Tour Destination in Nepal



    5. Chitwan National Park

    Explore the wild jungle riding on the back of the elephant, discover wild animals and enjoy what follows

    Chitwan National Park ranks in the fifth spot of our ranking of best tours in Nepal. Nepal is not just about the land of majestic mountains which are suitable for travelling and trekking.  It also hosts some of the plain lands which are very rich in greenery and wildlife. Tours in Nepal specially Chitwan National Park tour put forwards the highest quality wilderness experience. Chitwan National Park tour rewards visitors with the awesome view of the crocodile infested waters, dense marshlands with thick forests rich in diverse selection of animals and wildlife.


    Visitors can embark their jungle safari by riding on the back of elephant or jeep and expect to see animals like monkeys, deer, rhinos, huge selection of birds and if they're lucky a royal Bengal tiger which is the main attraction of this park. Chitwan National Park is quite popular touristic destination because it has quick connection to the major highways and on the other-hand it is a majestic marshland which some of the rare birds, mammals and reptiles thrive to live in.


    4. Lumbini

    Stopover the birthplace of light of Asia Lord Gautama Buddha

    Lumbini  takes the fourth spot for the best tours in Nepal in our ranking. Lumbini is a holy place for Buddhist pilgrims as it is the birthplace of Lord Gautama Buddha. Not only Buddhists but visitors from all over the world come to visit this holy land. Visitors can explore some of the old museums, palaces, temples, gardens, chortens and stupas which reflect Buddhist culture in this place. Tour to Lumbini the birthplace of the very one who was first to reach enlightenment is sure to bring a feeling of peace and tranquility.


    3. Mustang

    Stand face-to-face with the Himalayan landscapes and the crystalline blue sky

    Mustang ranks third in our ranking for the best tours in Nepal section. It is a very dry region which lies in the western Himalayan region of Nepal. It is recommended for the travelers to travel this region only during the summer season since, it is the period in which it has most suitable exposure. Mustang which is often called the Himalayan rain shadow area is known for its remoteness which keeps it completely unspoiled from its natural state. This region is rich in raging rivers, waterfalls, spectacular wall caves, greenery of the oasis, pristine mountains, abandoned human settlements and beautiful clear sky.


    2. Kathmandu Valley

    Examine the gateway of Nepal before seeking for some other place for tours in Nepal

    Kathmandu valley lies on our second spot for our best tours in Nepal section. City of temples Kathmandu, which is the capital city of Nepal is not only the gateway for Nepal but also the city full of historic monuments, buildings, temples and monuments. Though the massive earthquake in April 25th, 2015 hit this city quite hard resulting loss of thousands of lives and damaging some of its historic monuments, it was not able to eradicate the glory and this history that this city possess. Yes, Kathmandu still exists and is still more lively than ever.

    One who is new to Kathmandu might first be overwhelmed with the view of the crowded streets, traffic jams and dusty roads. They might even wonder what can be done in this unorganized area. But if they give some serious exploring and keep those things aside then they will never get bored because there are whole load of enjoyable activities that can be performed in this area. There is something new for everyone in this tiny little city.


    1. Pokhara

    Tours in Nepal is completely meaningless if you forget to visit Pokhara

    Pokhara without doubt ranks top in our list for best tours in Nepal. Pokhara is the best naturally rich city of Nepal infact the whole south Asia. Any adventurous activities which you can name like boating, paragliding, bungee jumping. rafting or zip flying can be done in this tiny little lakeside town Pokhara. The attractions of Pokhara are endless and that also comes with the spectacular views of Annapurna Himalayan region, Macchapuchrre and other peaks. You should come and visit this place and see why this place is on our rank number one.

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