Benefits of Hiking

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    Benefits of Hiking

    When someone is asked about the benefits of Hiking then of-course in everyone's mind the only thing that comes first is the weight control. Yeah, hiking helps in weight control. So, What can be the other benefits of Hiking. So, in this article I'll basically discuss on the benefits of Hiking. Hope you guys will enjoy reading it.

    Hiking has loads of benefits. Whether you hike in a fast pace or slow pace it gives the same cardiovascular benefits. Hiking is very much helpful in reducing your blood pressure and lowering your risk of potential type 2 diabetes. And not only that my friend, in a survey conducted in a certain University of California in 2015 it was found that hiking was able to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

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    In an average, 60 minutes of hiking can burn around 400 calories and fitness instructors at gym suggests that burning 200 calories is enough to maintain good health. So even for workout and burning calories hiking proved to be better isn't it. Hiking has also proved to keep your body limber and mobile if you have osteoporosis or arthritis.

    For more benefits and exercise one can use trekking poles equipment while hiking  to help work out the upper body muscles. The main advantage of doing this is that it simply knocks out your two weekly requirements for muscle training and aerobics.

    Besides these hiking also provides psychological benefits. Hiking gives you the opportunity to be one with the nature, you can enjoy the views of nature and this helps in relieving people from stresses. So, I recommend if you guys want to feel more relax with greater feeling of well-being than go for hiking.

    In Nepal, Royal Mountain Trekking offers suggestions and trail maps for day hikes near you. Since, Nepal is a mountainous country hiking in Nepal is very popular. Locals as well as foreigners from all over the world gather here just to hike in Nepal. There are loads of options available for hiking and trekking in Nepal and you can find that suits your experience level with ease.

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