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Peak Climbing Expedition in Nepal is a great reward and challange for body and mind.

 Peak climbing is a very exiciting and thrilling experience one will have. Most of the people from diffrent places come here to see the beautiness of himalayas and also for peak climbing.As Nepal is the most  beautiful country having lots of natural beauty here are many place to visit and the uncountable number of Himalayan peaks on the highest mountain of the world i.e Mount Everest which is the most alluring peak in the world, it  has always been the great attraction for peak climbers. For the adventurous mind, Nepal gives you one of the best opportunity to tackle a high Himalayan. Peak climbing in Nepal Himalayas is a dream for many climbers in the world.

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Island Peak Climbing with Everest Base Camp

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Island Peak is one of the popular trekking peak in Nepal with world's famous trekking spot "Everest Base Camp". The ultimate destination for those who want to experience with peak climbing and high altitude trekking. Island Peak is less technical and perfect for beginner climbers.

Price From $2550

Mera Peak Climbing in Nepal (6654m)

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At 6654m, Mera Peak Climbing is not particularly difficult technically, but there is the altitude to contend with which makes this an exciting and challenging trip.

Price From $2090

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