Bhutan Visa For Travel

Bhutan Visa For Travel

Travelling to Bhutan, here's what you need to know about Bhutan Visa

Bhutan which opened its doors for the tourism only since 1974 is considered as one of the spectacular country to give a visit. The land of Thunder Dragon Bhutan is one of those countries which have very little impact of the modernization on its culture and tradition.



Tourist Visa is required in order to enter into Bhutan and this can be obtained through the travel agency with which you are going to travel inside Bhutan. People cannot enter Bhutan without a proper visa. There is visa for business and diplomatic travel but that requires different procedures which we haven't explained over here.



With the exception of visitors from Bangladesh, Maldives and India, all other visitors to Bhutan need a visa.

Bangladeshis, Maldivian and Indian nationals can apply and obtain their visa at the port of entry. All they need to have is a valid password with the validity of 6 months. Indians on the other hand can obtain visa through their Voters Identity Card (VIC) as well.

All the tourists who are willing to travel inside Bhutan must posses visa. And Visas are processed by the licensed Bhutanese tour operators or the foreign travel agent through an online system.

For visa process, the applicant must send the copies of the passport to the tour operator. Then they will apply for the visa which will in later be processed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB). The charge for the Bhutan Visa is USD $40 and this can be wire transferred to the TCB bank account. Once the payment is received the visa clearance will be carried out within 72 hours.

Visa Clearance letter is required at the point of entry in Bhutan then only the visa will be stamped onto the passport.

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