Nepal Visa Information

Nepal Visa Information

How to get the tourist visa for Nepal

The land of the mighty Himalayas, Nepal sure is a small but very cool country to visit. The suitable climate, the beauty of the nature it posses and the endless enjoyable activities that you can do over in this tiny little country is what makes this country one of its own on the planet for tourism activities.


Apart from this what you'll love about this country are the people who will be willing to welcome you from the bottom of their heart and offer you what they have for your service. It is in their culture to offer service to the foreign visitors since they regard guests as god in their religion.


Tourism is one of the largest industry in Nepal and is the largest source of revenue and foreign exchange. Because of this Nepal has made everything easy for the foreign visitors. If anyone who is interested in visiting Nepal and wants to apply for a tourist visa then you can read the requirements for a tourist visa in Nepal below:

Requirements for a Tourist Visa in Nepal

a. It is compulsory to fill in the Visa Application Form (click to fill the visa form).

b. Valid Passport (not less than six months of validity).

c. Latest photograph of the applicants (2X2).

d. An exact amount of money order which is payable to the Embassy of Nepal. (If in case of two or more applicants then they can send single money order which should be multiple of visa fee, also personal credit cards, cash or cheque are not acceptable).

e. A special prepaid return envelope along with the tracking number and sufficient postage to return the passports. (if you are sending documents by couriers/post).

Note: Applicants are requested to send a prepaid return envelope with a special tracking number to return back passports. Embassy of Nepal have clearly mentioned on their official website that they will not be held responsible for any undelivered passports because of issues like the insufficient postage space, a loosely or weakly attached envelope to bear up the load of the contains and other possible incidents occurred during the handling of the documents by couriers/post.

Visa on Travel Document:

a. Applicants who have re-entry permit travel document should complete all the criteria mentioned in no. 1 above. Embassy of Nepal may ask for additional documents, if needed.
b. An applicant who doesn't have re-entry permit travel document then they should submit a sponsor letter in addition to the requirements which is mentioned in no.1 above. They must contact the Embassy of Nepal soon after the sponsor letter is submitted to the Embassy.

Visa application can be submitted from 10 am to 12:30 pm in the Embassy of Nepal on weekdays except public holidays


Visa Charges

Tourist Visa Fee Details Previous Visa Fee Changed Visa Fee that will be in effect from 17 July 2019
15 Days (Multiple Entry) USD 25 USD 30
30 Days (Multiple Entry) USD 40 USD 50
90 Days (Multiple Entry) USD 100 USD 125
Visa Extension (Within Valid Visa Period) USD 2 per day USD 3 per day
Visa Extension (With Multiple Entry) Additional USD 20 Additional USD 25
Visa Extension (After Visa Expiration) Late fee USD 3 per day Late fee USD 5 per day


Children under 10 require a visa but aren't charged for that.

For details more about Nepal Visa Information: please check this link

Visa after being issued cannot be withdrawn or canceled and visa fee cannot be refunded. Visa once issued must be used within six months.

Usually, Visa is processed within 4 business days after the application is received by the Embassy of Nepal.

Tourist Visa can also be obtained from the following entry points in Nepal:

A. Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu
B. Immigration Offices along Nepal-India border

I. Kakarbhitta, Jhapa,

II. Birgunj, Parsa

III. Belhia, Bhairahawa

IV. Jamunaha, Nepalgunj

V. Mohana, Dhangadi

VI. Gaddachauki, Mahendranagar

C. Immigration Office along Nepal- China border
         I. Kodari, Sindhupalchok
D. Immigration Office, Pokhara (not the entry point)

Tourist who are carrying more than US $2000 or equivalent amount of foreign currency

They should declare these matters in the Custom Declaration Form at the time of their arrival in Nepal. Those who want to return to their home or any other foreign countries from Nepal with the undeclared money that exceeds US $ 2,000 or equivalent foreign currency might face little issue as they might be interrogated for further legal actions in accordance with Foreign Exchange Regulation Act of Nepal.

Tourists travelling by car should possess a valid Passage de Carnet.

If in case of overstay than visa period

It is recommended to not to overstay visa period. It is better to get it extended before the expiration of the visa through the immigration offices in Kathmandu and Pokhara. If in case you have overstayed your visa period then you can pay a fine of US$3 per day at the airport (only if you have overstayed less than 30 days plus a US$2 per day visa extension fee), but it’s far better to get it all sorted out in advance at Kathmandu’s Central Immigration Office.
Note: We recommend you to keep a number of passport size photos with your passport. They'll be handy for filling the forms on visa applications, trekking permits and other official documents.


For More Information on Tourist Visa in Nepal | Contact on the following details
Department of Immigration
Kalikasthan, Kathmandu
Tel: +977-1- 4429660 / 4438862 / 4438868 / 4433934

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