Travel Insurance in Nepal

Travel Insurance in Nepal

Different unfavourable situations can arise while travelling. There can be the issues of theft, loss and the medical issues which are uncertain while travelling and travel insurance policy is the best means to cover all that. It is always better to be prepared for the worse than the worst situations.


A wide variety of insurance policies are available in Nepal so it is always better to go through all necessary conditions which the insurance provider has provided. There are travel insurance policies in Nepal which totally excludes which have been marked as the 'dangerous activities' like trekking, rafting, bungee jumping to riding motorbike. So, it is better to look before leaping over a travel insurance policy in Nepal.


It is always better to go for travel insurance policy in Nepal that covers all emergency repatriation and medical expenses. Best will be the one that will cover the expenses for the helicopter evacuation for the trekkers and medical evacuation to well-facilitated hospitals.


There do are travel insurance policies in Nepal that directly pays the hospital and doctors fees without the hassle of having you pay on the spot and claiming it later. In Nepal, most of the medical payments must be paid upfront and if your travel insurance policy in Nepal doesn't provide such facility then what you can do is collect the receipt from the hospital which you can claim later on.

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